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Zoning Maps Page - Update Log

12-29-2015 Updated Marion Township PDF Map to 12-29-2015  
12-28-2015 Added link to page to Download data beginning with the letter "Z"  
10-08-2015 Rebuilt the Zoning Page  
09-09-2015 Uploaded the 08-11-2015 Updated map for Adams Township  
08-06-2015 Uploaded the updated zoning map sheet for Liberty Township dpone on 06-05-2015, also uplodaed the shapefile and the geodatabase.  
03-24-2014 Deleted the Zoning Maps Collection page - added its contents to the Zoning Maps page, near the bottom, in table format. Deleted the Testing section, on the bottom of the Zoning Maps page, that had samples of Zoning Maps (graphics) in Google Earth.