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05-20-2014 Moved Archived Page Update Logs to folder  
05-20-2014 Updated link to new location for the USGS Page under ../MapsU/  
04-25-2014 Moved Vacated Alleys to /Maps/MapsIndex/Pages/MapsV/  
04-24-2014 Moved Flood Zones to /Maps/MapsIndex/Pages/MapsF/  
04-24-2014 Moved Calculator to /Maps/MapsIndex/Pages/MapsC/  
04-24-2014 Moved q&a to /Maps/MapsIndex/Pages/MapsQ/  
04-24-2014 Moved VacationsandDedications.html to /Maps/MapsIndex/Pages/MapsV/ Vacations & Dedications
04-24-2014 Moved GISDay.html to /Maps/MapsIndex/Pages/MapsG/ GISDay
04-24-2014 Moved the Deed References Page to Maps/MapsIndex/Pages/MapsD/ & redid the appropriate links. DeedReferences
03-31-2014 Created the Property Page and added a graphic link and text link to the Index page