Historical Maps

Generally, we refer to historical maps as any scanned map image that is at least a few years old. This includes Tax Maps, County Road Maps, and even Surveys.

With a GIS, "Historical or "Archived" maps could be something that was printed 5 minutes ago; things are always changing, and data is always being updated, edited, or changed in one way or another. The maps we are showcasing here on this page range from a few years old to more than 100.

Our historical maps are under a couple of different topics; please click on any of the buttons below to take a look.


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"Board Maps" County Road Maps Surveys
Caesar Creek Archived Precicnt Maps Tax Maps PLUS!


The "Board" Maps!

There are a number of maps in our map department office that were at some point in the past glued to masonite boards. They are prints of aerial photography, sometime between 1950's and late 1960's, with many of them showing property lines drawn on them with property owners names. We have worked with a company in Columbus Ohio to get these boards scanned and will be making them available on our GIS web page.

Maps So Far:

These have been scanned, cropped, and converted into PDF files that are very small, but yet retain excellent resolution. Our goal is to convert the TIFF files into MrSID images that have been ortho-rectified, so that they have real-world coordinates and users will have the ability to view them just as any of map layer of data is viewed.

This is the TEMPORARY home for these images; they will eventually be moved to there proper locations on the web site, i.e. "Lumberton" will be moved to he "Lumberton" Tax Map page, and since they all show Aerial Photography they will all be linked from the Aerial Photography page.

Click on the one you want to see - the PDF image will open up...



Adams Township
Centerville - Lees Creek
Chester Township
Clark Township
Farmers Station
Green Township
Jefferson Township
Liberty Township
Marion Township
New Antioch
New Burlington
New Vienna
North n South Kingman
Port William
Richland Township
Sligo n Ogden
Union Township
Vernon Township
Washington Township
Wilson Township




Due to the size of some of the files we have in our collection, we are planning on converting many of them to MrSID format. To view them follow the directions at...

ExpressView Browser Plug-in for Windows

...to install the Web Browser plug-in that will enable you to view .sid files in Windows Explorer. Click the link below to test the program; you should be rewarded with a view of a scanned CIR (Color InfraRed) image.

Test of sid browser plugin