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Based on a 1961
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Cemetery names in Green are from the Inventory of War Veterans' Cemeteries Maps that were scanned by the GIS Department.

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Achor Cemetery Green Township
Baptist Cemetery Liberty Township
Baptist Cemetery Vernon Township
Benj Haws Cemetery Chester Township
Bethel Washington Township
Blanchester IOOF Cemetery
Blanchester IOOF
Bloomington Wilson Township
Center Cemetery Union Township
Center Cemetery
Centerville Cemetery
Chester Cemetery Chester Township
Clarksville Cemetery
Clarksville IOOF
Coulter Cemetery Wilson Township
Cowans Creek Baptist Church
Cowan Creek Cemetery Washington Township
Doan Cemetery Richland Township
Dover Cemetery Union Township
East Lumberton
Elliot Cemetery Wayne Township
Evans Cemetery Wayne Township
Gaddis Cemetery Union Township
Garrison Cemetery Marion Township
Gano Road
George Cemetery Wayne Township
Grassy Run Wilson Township
Grove-Geffs Wayne Township
Hales Branch
Harris Cemetery Vernon Township
Haws Chapel Cemetery Union Township
Howland Cemetery Chester Township
Jefferson Township
Jenkins Jacob Cemetery Union Township
Jenkins Skinner Cemetery Union Township
Jenks Cemetery Adams Township
John Lytle Cemetery Clark Township
Johns Cemetery Washington Township
Johnson Cemetery Clark Township
Jonahs Run Cemetery Chester Township
Lieurance Cemetery Washington Township
Luttrel Cemetery Wayne Township
Lytle Creek Union Township
Mann Cemetery Washington Township
Maple Grove Cemetery
Maple Grove
Martinsville IOOF Cemetery
Martinsville Quaker Cemetery Clark Township
McKay Cemetery Liberty Township
Miller cemetery liberty township
Mitchell Vernon Township
Moorman Cemetery Liberty Township
Mt Pleasant Cemetery Liberty Township
Mt Pisgah Cemetery Chester Township
Mt Pleasant Cemetery Vernon Township
New Antioch Cemetery
New Antioch
New Burlington Cemetery
New Vienna IOOF Cemetery
New Vienna IOOF
Ogalsbee cemetery Liberty Township
Peterson Cemetery Chester Township
Port William
Quaker Clarksville Cemetery Vernon Township
Quaker New Vienna Cemetery Green Township
Rehobeth Ceemtery Vernon Township
Richland MP Richland Township
Richland Negro Cemetery Wayne Township
Sabin Cemetery Chester Township
Sabina Cemetery
Salem Cemetery Liberty Township
Second Creek Cemetery Marion Township
Sewell Cemetery Vernon Township
Sharon Church Cemetery Chester Township
Sligo Cemetery Adams Township
Springfield Cemetery
Spurgeon Cemetery Richland Township
Stanfield Cemetery Adams Township
St Patrick's
Sugar Grove Cemetery Wilmington
Sugar Grove
Sugar Grove Section 10
Swingley Cemetery Green Township
Thorpe Wilson Township
Troutwine Cemetery Clark Township
Turner Cemetery Clark Township
Wade Cemetery Richland Township
Wall St Union Township
Walt Betterton Clark Township
West Chapel Cemetery Clark Township
Westboro IOOF Cemetery Jefferson Township
Westboro IOOF
Westboro Quaker
Westboro Quaker Cemetery Jefferson Township
Wilson Cemetery Union Township
Yeazel Cemetery Vernon Township
Zurface Cemetery Wayne Township



List of Names on Headstones....

Maple Grove Cemetery - thru Year 2002

New Burlington Cemetery

Miller Cemetery - thru Year 2002


The information below shows cemeteries in Clinton County that War Veterans are laid to rest in.

County Map Showing Cemeteries with War Veterans:

Circled numbers on the map show the cemetery name as it appears in the index...

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Cemetery Listing with Links to Map / USGS

Name County USGS Topo Map
Achor Cemetery Clinton New Vienna
Baptist Cemetery Clinton Clarksville
Baptist Cemetery Clinton Port William
Bethel Lane Cemetery Clinton Wilmington
Betterton Farm Cemetery Clinton Martinsville
Bloomington Cemetery Clinton Bowersville
Canney Cemetery Clinton Memphis
Center Cemetery Clinton Wilmington
Centerville Cemetery Clinton Sabina
Chester Cemetery Clinton New Burlington
Clarksville Cemetery Clinton Clarksville
Clarksville Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Clinton Clarksville
Coulter Cemetery Clinton Bowersville
Cowan Creek Cemetery Clinton Martinsville
Doan Cemetery Clinton Milledgeville
Dover Cemetery Clinton Wilmington
Evans Cemetery Clinton Memphis
Friends Cemetery Clinton Blanchester
Gaddis Cemetery Clinton Wilmington
Garface Cemetery Clinton Sabina
Garrison Cemetery Clinton Blanchester
Grassy Run Cemetery Clinton Bowersville
Haws Chapel Cemetery Clinton Wilmington
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Clinton Martinsville
Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Clinton Blanchester
Jeff Cemetery Clinton Memphis
Johnson Cemetery Clinton Martinsville
Jonahs Run Cemetery Clinton Clarksville
Keiter Cemetery Clinton New Burlington
Lieurance Cemetery Clinton Martinsville
Luttrell Cemetery Clinton Memphis
Lytles Creek Cemetery Clinton Clarksville
Maple Grove Cemetery Clinton Port William
Martinsville Cemetery Clinton Martinsville
Memorial Gardens Clinton Wilmington
Miller Cemetery Clinton Port William
Mitchell Cemetery Clinton Port William
Moore-Johns Cemetery Clinton Blanchester
Mount Pleasant Cemetery Clinton Clarksville
New Antioch Cemetery Clinton Sabina
New Burlington Cemetery Clinton New Burlington
New Burlington Cemetery Clinton Port William
New Vienna Cemetery Clinton New Vienna
Quaker Cemetery Clinton Clarksville
Rehoboth Cemetery Clinton Blanchester
Richland Cemetery Clinton Memphis
Richland Methodist Cemetery Clinton Sabina
Sabin Cemetery Clinton Clarksville
Sabina Cemetery Clinton Sabina
Salem Cemetery Clinton Port William
Second Creek Cemetery Clinton Blanchester
Sewell Cemetery Clinton Clarksville
Sharon Cemetery Clinton New Burlington
Spurgeon Cemetery Clinton Sabina
Sugar Grove Cemetery Clinton Wilmington
Swingley Farm Cemetery Clinton New Vienna
Texas Cemetery Clinton Sabina
Thorpe Cemetery Clinton Bowersville
Turner Family Cemetery Clinton Martinsville
Wade Cemetery Clinton Sabina
West Chapel Cemetery Clinton Martinsville
Westboro Independent Order of Odd Fellows Cemetery Clinton Blanchester
Wilson Cemetery Clinton Sabina
Yeazel Cemetery