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DATE TASK NOTES / Hyperlinks
06-02-2014 Added / Uploaded a new Countywide property map from 1859. downloaded from the Smithsonian Institution.  
05-08-2014 Added PDF map links to the Interactive map that were created in May 2014 for the unincorporated villages, and added links to Sligo maps.  
05-01-2014 Added 2007 PDF maps for Midland and Port William  
04-30-2014 Added a page - Archived Maps Bloomington, and uploaded recently scanned maps of Bloomington. Bloomington
04-25-2014 Added the 1810 County Boundary Survey 1810 Clinton County Survey
04-25-2014 Added Blanchester 1976, single file multipage PDF. It has NOT been added to the interactive map. 1976
04-24-2014 Created a folder UnkYr & uploaded Wilmington PDF from maps given to the GIS Department from the Recorders Office; created link on the Wilmington page.
Wilmington Archived Maps
Wilmington UnkYrs
04-24-2014 Replaced the Midland 1887 PDF file with a new one, brown background. Located http://www.clintoncountyohgis.org/DownloadData/Municipalities/Midland/Midland1887.pdf