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Added archived web page updates for 2012 01-29-2013
Uploaded new surveys 01-29-2013
Added three census maps for the state of Ohio, 2010 Census data 02-13-2013
Updated Parcel Data and the attribute access database 02-26-2013
Updated the township boundaries shapefile. 02-26-2013
Updated surveys 03-19-2013
Uploaded Municipalities newest version 03-25-2013
Uploaded 17x22 Precinct maps of Wilmington Precincts to Precinct Map Page 04-16-2013
Uploaded updated parcel data to parcel data downloads page 04-09-2013
Uploaded Maintenance Ditches Shapefile to Data Available D Page 04-16-2013
Uploaded 17x22 PDF maps of Blanchester Precincts to web page. 04-18-2013
Uploaded 17x22 PDF maps of Sabina Precincts to web page & numerous cosmetic changes. 04-19-2013
Uploaded Wilmington Landmarks and Eating Establishments maps to the Misc Maps Page 04-24-2013
Uploaded latest surveys 04-25-2013
Added hyperlinks to the survey folders of the updated notes on the Survey Update Log page 04-25-2013
Updated County Parcels Dataset and Parcels Attributes Database 05-06-2013
Uploaded Updated map of Eating Establishments in Wilmington 05-07-2013
Uploaded new map showing 2012 AP for East Fork park 05-08-2013
Added 8 1/2 x 11 PDF maps of  East Fork park, one with Lat Long Grid and one without 05-08-2013
Updated SLN's 05-16-2013
Updated maps on the Terrell - Hanaghan Nature Preserve 05-21-2013
Added Barn Quilt Trail Map to Misc Maps page 05-22-2013
Added a few of the County Parks maps and added Links to the Web Pages for Parks TO the Misc Maps Page 05-22-2013
Updated the Map Office Microsoft Access Database and the associated PDF File Report to the Deed References Page 05-23-2013
Added section to Parks page for Neighboring Counties Parks 06-05-2013
Added 2012 AP Map of Fallsville to the Parks page 06-05-2013
Uploaded New Vienna maps for the New Parcel Number Section / Subsection routing maps  
Updated Parcel Data and Parcel Attribute Database, 07-08-2013
Added Districts 030, 015, 010, 290, 060, 070, 050, 120, 220, to New Routing Maps page 07-08-2013
Finished all of the New Routing Maps page pdf maps. 07-29-2013
Updated County Map showing Precincts to the Precincts page 08-21-2013
Began work on the Index page Rewrite here 08-21-2013
Uploaded updated version of Municipalities Boundary 08-21-2013
Uploaded Updated Parcel Data and Parcel Attribute Data 08-21-2013