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Added archived web page updates for 2011 01-03-2012
Added 8x11 and 34x44 PDF maps of Tax Districts to Misc Maps page 01-03-2012
Changes to various items on the Web Page Updates page 01-03-2012
Created page for Data beginning with the letter "T" for Data Downloads. 01-03-2012
Added KML file for Tax Districts to "T" for Data Downloads. 01-03-2012
Updated the Monumentation page with new countywide maps and Monumentation Information. 01-05-2012
Added the Monumentation Information Spreadsheet for download on the Monumentation page 01-06-2012
Uploaded survey 39-36 to surveys page book 39 01-06-2012
Added page Data Available that starts with the letter M page 01-06-2012
Added Bike Trails to Letter "B" of data downloads (B for Bike) and to letter "T" for Trails 01-06-2012
Added page Data Available that starts with the letter V 01-06-2012
Added upload date of 01-06-2012 for VMS Lines on V Data Downloads 01-06-2012
Added Data Available that starts with the letter "Q" Page 01-06-2012
Added Data Available that starts with the letter "R" Page 01-06-2012
Added Data Available that starts with the letter "W" Page 01-06-2012
Made changes to the Data Available web page 01-09-2012
Uploaded updated Landcover data layer on the Data L page 01-10-2012
Corrected link in the April of 2008 Map Book Index to map sheet G12 instead of G12 pointing to G11 01-11-2012
Added notes to the User Comments page 01-11-2012
Updated Parcel Data and Attribute Database 01-12-2012
Uploaded maps for Sabina, parcels and surveys Map Book 01-17-2012
Uploaded maps for the Entire County, parcels and surveys Map Book 01-17-2012
Created links to surveys (historical) on the Historical Airpark Page 01-17-2012
Eliminated the Buttons on the Data Download page for C in favor of text 01-19-2012
Added map to Clarksville Archived Map Collection of an unknown year 01-19-2012
Added Friends of GIS Update on GIS Department Activities to the Publications page, added Year 2012 01-25-2012
Uploaded Census 2010 Data for download and made edits to the Data Letter "C" Page 01-25-2012
Uploaded Map Book for Wilmington January 2012 01-26-2012
Corrected link on Index Page for Map Books page... 01-26-2012
Updated  the PDF Report from the Map Office Property Owners database & the Database for Download 02-01-2012
Added link on Index page to Recorders Office page 02-01-2012
Added Report's generated from the ESRI Business Analyst Application on Census info to the Census page 02-01-2012
Uploaded Lytle Creek Park PDF maps with NEW imagery on them to the Lytle Creek Park page 02-06-2012
Added Link to Ohio Oil and Gas Fields Interactive Map page, from the State of Ohio, to the Index page 02-06-2012
Uploaded updates to Parcels and Survey Location Nodes 02-23-2012
Uploaded updated parcel data and attribute data 03-05-2012
Uploaded latest version of DriveWayCenterlines shapefile 03-07-2012
Updated Edge of Pavement Layer, updated to 2011 Aerial Photography. 03-14-2012
Uploaded Structure Outlines Update & reformatted the page reset links 03-14-2012
Minor edits to LiDAR Home page, added PDF file of 2003 data Aquisition 03-16-2012
Made edits to Data Available letter S page; will use as pattern for all "Data Available by Letter" pages 03-16-2012
Uploaded surveys 39-75 thru 39-101  
Updated Edge of Pavement Data Layer 04-01-2012
Updated Landcover data layer 04-05-2012
Updated Data Layers starting with L Page to Standard "S" page 04-05-2012
Updated Parcel data and Database to parcels metadata page 04-10-2012
Uploaded latest scanned surveys 04-17-2012
Uploaded the 1914 RR Map of Ohio to Misc Maps Page 05-01-2012
Uploaded surveys 39-111-39-123 05-04-2012
Uploaded latest Landcover data 05-14-2012
Uploaded Parcel Data including the access database 05-14-2012
Updated the Census Tract Map for Clinton County on the Census Page 05-21-2012
Updated Survey Location Nodes for Download. 05-21-2012
Added link to information on AP for 2003 05-21-2012
Updated Publications Page with Ohio GIS Conference and URISA Info 05-21-2012
Uploaded Geodatabase for all parks and trails in Clinton County 05-21-2012
Uploaded Trails Shapefile to Data Layers "T" page 05-21-2012
Uploaded an 8x11 PDF map of the East Fork Park to the East Fork Park page 05-22-2012
Uploaded New 20111 AP maps to the Collett Woods Park page 05-25-2012
Uploaded New 2011 AP Maps to he Anliot Davidson Nature Preserve park. 05-29-2012
Uploaded New map showing 2009 AP to the East Fork Park page 05-29-2012
Updated formatting of Terrell - Hanaghan Nature Preserve park page 05-30-2012
Added Population by County map for year 2000 to the Misc Maps Page. 06-07-2012
Added various map links to the Surveys page. 06-07-2012
Reformatted the table containing links to the folders containing Surveys. 06-07-2012
Updated the surveys access database and the PDF report from that database on the Surveys page. 06-07-2012
Changed lines for Survey related things to read "Link" to hyperlink to the surveys page on "S" page 06-07-2012
Many Changes to the Misc. Maps Page 06-15-2012
Updated Parcel Data and Parcel Attribute Database for parcels. 06-18-2012
Continued updates and additions to the Misc. Maps Page 06-28-2012
July 07-02-2012
Additions to the Misc. Maps page 07-02-2012
Updated Zoning Maps, Liberty and Chester Townships 07-02-2012
Added USGS Maps and link to Misc. Maps page 07-09-2012
Complete re-write of the Zoning Maps page 07-09-2012
Finished re-write of Road Maps page 07-11-2012
Uploaded surveys 39-124 thru 39-143 07-11-2012
Additions to the Misc. Maps page 07-11-2012
Added Wilmington Bypass map, Blanchester Flood Zones, 1950 Aerial Photography Index, 1885 Sanborn Map, Caesar Creek map, ODOT ROW Index map, 1859 Countywide Tax map, Adams Township tax map in Google Earth sample map, Adams Township PDF Tax Map, Veterans Cemetery Sample map, and a link to the Online WetlandsMapper application to the Misc. Maps page. 07-16-2012
Added Ohio State Highway Patrol Fatal Traffic Crashes Map and Data map to Road Maps page 07-17-2012
Added Ohio streams and drainage areas map to Misc. Maps page 07-17-2012
Added School Board District Map to the Misc. Maps page 07-17-2012
Added link to online map of Ohio Scenic Byways to Road Maps page 07-17-2012
Started changes to background colors for letter-sections of the Misc. Maps page 07-17-2012
Added link to Ohio Geological Survey / Ohio Seismic Network web page map 07-17-2012
Added Cowan Lake Park Features Map to the Misc. Maps page 07-19-2012
Added Clean Ohio map links to the Misc. Maps page 07-19-2012
Uploaded latest parcel data and database of attributes to Parcels Download page 08-07-2012
Uploaded LiDAR grids for 2003 and 2007 to the Misc. Maps page under "L" 08-14-2012
Uploaded intelligent PDF map with the years 2008 & 2011 to the Misc. Maps 08-14-2012
Uploaded PDF Maps - 306090 mile Ring Map around Wilmington, Shelters and Mass Care Locations in Wilmington, Southwestern Ohio showing Wilmington, and Wilmington Downtown Parking links & Map on the Misc. Maps page 08-16-2012
Uploaded PDF version of a presentation done for the 6th grade class at the Wilmington Middle School 08-28-2012
Uploaded 24 x 36 IQ PDF Maps of each precinct that votes at the Fairgrounds. 08-30-2012
Uploaded Census 2010/2011 Census Boundary Maps to the Census Maps Page 08-31-2012
Added to User Comments page, 6th grade class presentation 09-04-2012
Added section for GIS Day 2012 to the GIS Day Page 09-04-2012
Uploaded latest surveys to Surveys page 09-04-2012
Updated parcel data and parcel attribute data. 09-11-2012
Uploaded OH GIS Conference Information to the Publications page 09-12-2012
Added links to educational information on the USGS Page to our USGS Maps Page. 09-26-2012
Added News Journal Article to Publications page 10-02-2012 10-02-2012
Uploaded 8 x 14 pdf maps of Wilmington Precincts on the Precincts page. 10-03-2012
Uploaded Zoning Map for Wilson Township completed 09-17-2012 10-03-2012
Screenshot of ArcMap 10.1 LiDAR / LAS file Profile of downtown Wilmington on the LiDAR Page 10-03-2012
Corrected Link to Ohio Online Library for Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps 10-04-2012
Uploaded new maps of parks, including Park Descriptions. 10-04-2012
Added Terrell Preserve map to the Terrell Hanaghan Park page 10-09-2012
Uploaded latest surveys thru book 39 page 179 10-09-2012
Uploaded parks description pdf file to parks page 10-09-2012
Uploaded maps of Lytle Creek Nature Preserve to Lytle Creek Parks Page 10-10-2012
Created links to surveys in the Wilmington Airpark area for the year 2003 & 2010 10-11-2012
Added "Demographic Data for a Changing Nation" article to the census page. 10-15-2012
Added 8 x 14 maps, included detailed maps of congested areas, to the Precincts page, of Wilmington Precincts. 10-23-2012
Uploaded Vernon Township New Zoning Map 10-24-2012
Uploaded latest Parcel and Parcel Database datasets 10-25-2012
Uploaded 8 1/2 x 14 maps for Township Precincts to the Precincts page 10-31-2012
Added for download Precinct Data Layers to the Precincts page 11-06-2012
Added link to ODOT Maps Resource Page to Misc Maps page. 11-07-2012
Updated Publications Page and GIS Day Page for 2012 Commissioners Resolution 11-08-2012
Corrected links to download Statewide Data, i.e. Imagery for OSIP I and II and LBRS Data. 11-15-2012
Added the Geologist Look at the Natural Vegetation Map of Ohio book to the Misc Maps page. 11-20-2012
Uploaded Parcel Data and Attribute Database 12-10-2012