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Added archived web page updates for 2010. 01-12-2011
Added updated Zoning book, 11x17, maps by township. 01-12-2011
Added screenshot of aerial photography used in article in the paper to the Publications 01-13-2011
Added updated map of Wilmington Monumentation to the Monumentation page. 01-13-2011
Updated maps on the Lytle Creek Parks maps page 01-14-2011
Uploaded latest surveys 01-20-2011
Uploaded Survey Location Nodes & edited the Download Data for "S" page. 01-28-2011
Uploaded zipped data of Clinton Counties Neighbors street centerlines - LBRS page 02-01-2011
Uploaded the final delivery of the structure outlines to the Download Data "S" page 02-01-2011
Uploaded Parcel Data and Parcel Database 02-03-2011
Added KML file for Structure Outlines on Data for letter "S" page 02-09-2011
Added shapefile for data download on Data for letter "S" page for structures outlines 02-09-2011
Uploaded surveys 02-15-2011
Added info on the Aerial Photography page concerning the new State-Wide phototypography project 02-15-2011
Updated new VMS map 34x44 in size on Misc Maps page 02-22-2011
Added link to Census web page that goes to the Census Ohio page 02-22-2011
Added National Map to Printable Maps page 34x44 - Transportation to Employment Year 2000 02-22-2011
Changed button from "Neighbors" on the Index Page to Web Page Links 02-22-2011
Added features to Web Page Links page 02-22-2011
Updated parcels of DataAvailableP page and the associated database. 03-01-2011
Minor changes to the Index Page. Move image of the plaque to next to bottom table, changed the hyperlink on the GIS Day image to go to GIS Day page on THIS web page, added Save the Date screenshot advertising the GIS Conference this fall, realigned the tables slightly. 03-02-2011
Created data download pages for data beginning with the letters D and G and I 03-02-2011
Added Wilmington Parcel maps to the Map Book page 03-03-2011
Added and continued work on the new United States National Grid page 03-08-2011
Added link to Recorders Office Index Search Web Site to Deed References page 03-09-2011
Updated the PDF report and the access database from which it is derived to Deed References 03-09-2011
Added Archived Maps for Reesville, and corrected the Sligo page. 03-17-2011
Added Archived Maps for Melvin 03-17-2011
Added Archived Maps for Powderlick 03-17-2011
Added Archived Maps for Sabina 03-18-2011
Added scanned maps to the Archived Maps page for Melvin 03-18-2011
Updated VMS maps to the Misc Maps page, 8x11 and 34x44 04-14-2011
Added Fallsville IQPDF maps to Parks page 04-14-2011
Added IQPDF maps to East Fork Park page 04-14-2011
Added banner on statewide AP project 04-14-2011
Added map sheets of Wilmington, maps showing generally-JUST parcelID 04-14-2011
Added page and uploaded pictures for 4C Bicentennial Trail 04-14-2011
Added scanned USGS control diagram -  maps to Aerial Photography from 2005 and 2007 04-20-2011
Added Open Lands Day Dinner info to Publications page 04-21-2011
Uploaded '89, '95, and 99 property owner map books 04-26-2011
Uploaded surveys to Book 38 (278 thru 295) 04-27-2011
Added Grenlea Subdivision scan & Covenants and Restrictions page to Subdivisions'  page 04-27-2011
Uploaded the Highland Addition scan to the  Subdivisions'  page 04-27-2011
Added Wilmington News Journal article image on the new children's park potential location on Publications page 04-27-2011
Added link to PDF document on submitted abstract for presentation at the 2011 OH GIS Conference on Publications page. 04-27-2011
Added link to certificate earned by the GIS Department on ArcGIS Server Class attendance to Publications page 04-27-2011
Added URISA Membership form for 2006-2007 to the Publications page 04-27-2011
Added URISA Membership form for 2005-2006 to the Publications page 04-27-2011
Updated Parcel data and Database to County Parcels Metadata page 05-01-2011
Added URISA training certificate to Publications page 05-06-2011
Updated latest scanned surveys 05-11-2011
Uploaded updated municipalities layer. 05-11-2011
Uploaded updated zoning shapefile and geodatabase. 05-11-2011
Changed the word "Airpark" to Air Park on the Air Park Maps page and adjusted the "Year" buttons matrix. 05-13-2011
Updated Zoning PDF Map Book on Zoning page 05-13-2011
Uploaded latest Fire District map to Misc Maps page 34x44 size 05-17-2011
Uploaded the state of Ohio Land Subdivisions (VMS) Map 05-17-2011
Uploaded Data Category and Layer List from the GIS Data Dictionary to the Publications page. 05-17-2011
Uploaded the Questions and Answers PDF document on LiDAR and Elevation Data to the Elevation Data page. 05-17-2011
Added VMS Page Button to Surveys page 05-18-2011
Added 3 map / graphics to the surveys VMS page 05-18-2011
Added OSIP Program Updates 05-19-2011 to Aerial Photography Page 05-19-2011
Changed the marquis on the Aerial Photography Page and the Index page. 05-19-2011
Added 34 x 44 PDF maps to Zoning page, of county and of just the Wilmington Air Park area 05-24-2011
Updated SLN's 05-24-2011
Added URISA Membership certificate for 2011 to Publications page 05-25-2011
Added New Fire District & zones map to Misc. Maps Page 05-25-2011
Added Fire Districts Map Book, 8x154, to Misc. Maps Page 05-27-2011
Updated surveys 38-300 & added folder for book 39, surveys added 01 thru 04 06-11-2011
Updated new Parcel Data & Parcel Attribute Database 06-11-2011
Changed link to Cntyparcels metadata page to open in main window not its own window. 06-11-2011
Updated Hydrography, Ponds & the accompanying GeoDatabase to the Data Downloads H page 06-13-2011
Created page for 2011 Aerial Photography and moved info from Photography page to it. 06-24-2011
Updated Surveys 39-05 thru 35-09 07-05-2011
Added HTML Popup information to the Q & A Page for ArcView 07-07-2011
Added note to the Q & A Page for ArcView for using DRA option under the Image Analysis function of ArcMap 10; two screenshots as samples of product and function. 07-07-2011
Updated Parcels and Parcel Database to Downloads P page 07-13-2011
Added link to article on flood plain mapping 07-26-2011
Added PDF maps for article on Food Services from the Wilmington News Journal to Publications page 08-02-2011
Updated Landmarks and Government Office map of Wilmington 08-08-2011
Added Jefferson Township Georectified Maps Report to Publications page 08-08-2011
Added PA Railroad Val Map Surveys to Surveys Railroad ROW page. 08-08-2011
Uploaded surveys 39-10 thru 39-25 08-09-2011
Uploaded scanned Imagery Acquisition Report 08-09-2011
Uploaded New Vienna Road Map PDF File 08-12-2011
Uploaded Certificate of Appreciation from Sheriff's Office 2004 08-12-2011
Uploaded Training certificate in Addressing for IS / GIS 2003 08-12-2011
Uploaded cntyparcels and accompanying access database to County Parcels metadata page 08-16-2011
Added information to the USGS Maps Page on Historical USGS maps Quadrangle Scanning Project 08-24-2011
Added Archived USGS Maps to the USGS Maps Page, and scans of a brochure from USGS 08-25-2011
Added MORE samples and explanations to the USGS Maps Page. 08-25-2011
Added link to PLSO Web Page to the Surveys page 08-29-2011
Updated surveys to Surveys page 08-30-2011
Deleted incorrect link from Grasslands Subdivision on the Subdivision Info page 09-12-2011
Uploaded new Sirens map to Misc Maps page 09-21-2011
Uploaded new Zoning Map for Jefferson Township 09-21-2011
Updated Parcel Data and Parcel Attribute Database 09-21-2011
Uploaded PDF of OHGIS Presentation to Publications Page 10-03-2011
Uploaded surveys 39-34 thru 39-43 10-06-2011
Updated parcel data and attribute database 10-26-2011
Added Home button to county parcels metadata page 10-26-2011
Uploaded 1998 OH GIS Conference PDF paper  10-27-2011
Uploaded survey 12-69 11-02-2011
Added links and verbiage to USGS Page 11-28-2011
Added article from ASPRS to LiDAR page 11-28-2011
Corrected links to the Elevation Data page from the Index page & from the Elevation Page to the LiDAR Home page. 11-28-2011
Uploaded surveys 39-44 thru 39-74 12-07-2011
Uploaded 2011 AP map of the Wilmington Air Park to the Historical Air Park Page 12-13-2011
Uploaded parcel data and attributes in the access database. 12-14-2011
Uploaded 2011 aerial photography maps, RGB and CIR, 22x34 PDF file format to the  Historical Air Park Page 12-14-2011
Updated precinct Union South (A & B) 12-21-2011
Updated maps to Monumentation page 12-21-2011
Added to Publications page, article on Union South Precinct split. 12-29-2011

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