Added Data Downloads for Letter E 01-06-10
Added Educational Facilities Geodatabase for download on Data Downloads for Letter E 01-06-10
Added Annexations scans to Wilmington Annexations page 01-05-10
Added Annexation documentation for Ord 1194-1225-1292-1351  Wilmington Annexations page 01-06-10
Added 1355 and 1488 Annexations to Wilmington Annexations page 01-08-10
Added button to go to Download LBRS Data OGRIP page 01-13-10
Replaced Ord976 on Wilmington Annexations Ordinances Page 01-14-10
Updated Parcel Data 01-19-10
PDF File Uploads of Cowan Lake Maps from 1950 thru 1987 01-20-10
Added to Census page, article on hiring and button to Map Stats. 01-20-10
Added page for data beginning with the letter "U" 02-01-10
Corrected link to KML file n "U" page 02-01-10
Added link to Layer file from ESRI that shows USGS Topo map to "U" page 02-01-10
Uploaded Centerline Data from Engineers Office version 02-02-10
Created letter "C" data downloads page 02-02-10
Added Q and A to Auditors Web Page 02-10-10
Deleted Deed References on Subdivisions Info Page 02-18-10
Added Weather Box to Index page 02-18-10
Updated Sabina Municipality 03-04-10
Wilmington Air Park article on Publications page 03-05-10
Updated Zoning Data, GDB & Shapefile 03-15-10
Created data downloads for letter "B" & Added Bridges shapefile 03-15-10
Uploaded Archived Soil-Book Scans (in MrSID format) from 1950-51 to Soils Information Page 03-15-10
Continued work on and added scanned annexation material for Wilmington 03-17-10
Added link to new Engineers Office web page to index page 03-18-10
Uploaded numerous PDF files for the Annexation Scanning Project in Wilmington 03-24-10
Changed Street Vacations button on Index page to Vacations / Dedications 03-24-10
Changed LiDAR page to LiDAR / Elevation Data Page - made change on Index Page 03-24-10
Added button to Elevation Data Page to go to Contours Page 03-24-10
Added Index of Ordinance Numbers (spreadsheet) to Vacations/Dedications page 03-24-10
Deleted the Google Earth button from the Index page - existing link on Interactive Mapping  page 03-24-10
Updated surveys 03-29-10
Added Archived General Soils Map to Soils page 03-31-10
Added New General Soils Map to Soils page 03-31-10
Corrected a link from the Wilmington Annexations page to a Wilmington Vacation Dedications pg 04-01-10
uploaded ordinances 3926, 3697, 1159-1189 to Wilmington Annexations page 04-01-10
uploaded ordinances 4005, 3948, 3929 to Wilmington Annexations 04-01-10
Added Flood Zone Maps for Blanchester, New Vienna, and Sabina to Flood Zones 2010 page 04-05-10
Added button to ArcReader Map Resource Center to the ArcReader page 04-05-10
Added Airspace Control PDF maps to the Historical Airpark page, Years 1982 and 1998 04-05-10
Uploaded Flood Zone Maps for Clarksville Flood Zones 2010 page 04-07-10
Corrected links on Historical Airparks Page to surveys 25-5 (not 55) and 25-6 (not 56) 04-07-10
Added scanned documents for ordinance 4281, Lowes Drive Dedication and ordinances
4072 & 4236 Annexations
Updated parcel Data 04-23-10
Uploaded the latest Report and included the Database for Download on the Deed References page 05-03-10
Added federal census logo to census maps web page 05-05-10
Uploaded Ordinances 3799, 4487, 4531 to the Wilmington Annexations page 05-05-10
Uploaded Resolution 99-1019 to Vacations and Dedications page 05-11-10
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Uploaded Ordinances 4670 to the Wilmington Annexations page 05-11-10
Uploaded Ordinances 4690 to the Wilmington Annexations page 05-12-10
Uploaded Ordinances 4730 to the Wilmington Annexations page 05-12-10
Added PDF maps for the special election this July to the Precincts page 06-29-10
Added interactive maps through (Google maps) for voters to help find their voting locations on the precincts page, for the special election in July 2010.  
Added information on the Q & A page for the Auditors Office Page - on labeling parcel ID's 07-01-10
Added meeting presentation to Publications Page 07-21-10
Added buttons to download data letter "P" for parcels and precincts 08-18-10
Added scan of article in paper, on the Airpark, using our aerial photography 08-18-10
Added button to index page             "Road Maps" 08-18-10
Added button to index page             "Ordinances". 08-18-10
Added title to Vacations and Dedications page AND a button to Ordinances page 08-18-10
Uploaded surveys 38 183 thru 38-208 LOG 08-25-10
Made button to Survey Image Log button open in same window as surveys page 08-25-10
Added buttons to Index page and Surveys page to survey image upload log page 08-25-10
Added block maps from the census bureau to the Census page 08-26-10
Survey Uploads 09-03-10
Added Address nodes with hyperlink to Google Maps online pictures here 09-13-10
Made minor changes to the Data Available "A" page 09-13-10
Updated cntyparcels data for download and survey pdf files. 09-27-10
Added the Microsoft Access Database of Parcel Data for download  
Re-added link to Old Flood Zone Maps from the Flood Zones 2010 Page 10-26-10
Added link to YouTube Video of Point Cloud around the Clinton County Courthouse to Elevation page 10-26-10
Uploaded cntyparcels data for download. 10-26-10
Uploaded the access database accompanying the cntyparcels data. 10-26-10
Added images of a TIN to the Elevation page 10-26-10
Map of USA on Census page 10-26-10
Added Updated Zoning Maps to the Zoning page 10-26-10
Added to the Q&A page for ArcMap and a link to an article on the Elevations page 10-29-10
Added link to download "new" FloodZones data in shapefile format 11-01-10
Created new page for data starting with the letter "F" 11-03-10
Added data layer for download of the Fire Districts on the "F" page 11-03-10
Uploaded new surveys 38-220 to 38-231 11-08-10
Updated Landmarks and Government Offices map of Wilmington on the Misc Maps page 11-08-10
Uploaded the Zoning map PDF Book to the Zoning page 11-08-10
Added the 2007 and 2009 sample sheet - map to the Aerial Photography page 11-08-10
Deleted the special election maps from July 13th from the Precincts page 11-22-10
Added Zoning Map Scans - PDF file format - from the 1990's to the Zoning page 11-22-10
Added to Publications page a link to the GIS Day Page showing the 2010 Picture and Commissioners Resolution scan. 11-24-10
Uploaded surveys 38 - 232-254 11-30-10
Uploaded Municipalities boundaries 11-30-10
Scanned and Uploaded HAINE'S ADDITION TO THE VILLAGE OF WESTBORO 7-6D-2 12-13-10
Added PDF files of Board Map images with runway linework to the Airpark Maps page, under 1951 12-15-10